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Reproducible Research

Reproducible Research
Paul A. Thompson1, Ph.D. and Andrew Burnett2, Ph.D.

CORE Issues, Volume 1, Paper 6, 2012

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The concept of responsible research is a relatively new one in science. It concerns the manner in which research is done, and in which the analysis of research findings are conducted. Research involves both ethical and methodological components. Reproducible research involves methods and approaches that enhance the integrity of research and promote consistent expectations within the scientific community. Reproducible research ensures that the analysis portion of a research effort can be redone with equivalent results. A series of recent problems in published and funded research has led journals, methodologically knowledgeable scientists, and federal funding agency personnel towards proposals to increase the reproducibility of the research enterprise. Thus, research methods that can be traced from data to conclusion, whether those conclusions are defined by graphical methods, tables of summarized information, statistical evaluations of the information, or use of the information in planning for subsequent studies, are increasingly being emphasized. Research reproducibility requirements include availability of the full analysis dataset, the analysis program, and all tables, figures, and incidental computations for the paper or document. Reproducibility also involves the use of clearly defined approaches for the inclusion of information in papers. The methods for reproducible research involved in several commonly used statistical analysis programs are defined and described.

1 Director, Methodology and Data Analysis Center, Sanford Research/University of South Dakota, Sanford Health, Sioux Falls, SD
2 Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurosciences, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, Sioux Falls, SD


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