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  • Created 23 Apr, 2018

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Some people contest that darts should not be considered as a sport, claiming that it does not have any benefit whatsoever to the player except the prize money that one gets when he or she wins, and also because they think that it’s just a game one plays in a bar or a pub. These people might not have tried playing the game. The best darts players, and even the beginners, would say otherwise.

Check out the best darts benefits below.

Benefit 1: Playing darts improves hand and eye coordination.

There is no doubt that one of the main benefits of playing darts is the improvement of the hand and eye coordination. Accuracy is the name of the game and a player would need to aim with the hand and focus on where the dart should hit. Practicing and enhancing the skill of throwing the pin where the eyes are locked in would definitely better how one’s eyes and hands work together.

Benefit 2: Playing darts improves your brain functionality.

Not only does playing the game work on how the physical body functions, it works on how the player’s brain operate as well. In darts, one would need to compute in order for him or her to know which of the pies or the rings the player should target next. Fast computation is needed in the scoring as well as for an effective strategy to get the exact score one needs.

Benefit 3: Playing darts improves self-control.

Whether it is the physical or the mental control, playing darts could definitely help in improving it. When one plays darts, he or she would need to have full control of his or her eyes, hands, legs, and the rest of the body to make the pin go to the direction it should go to and with the right angle and strength. The position of the body is important to get the target right. Mental control is of importance as well. Concentration or focus and the state of the mind could affect how one throws the pin or how a player would play the game.

Benefit 4: Playing darts relieves stress.

Just like exercising and doing some other sports, darts can help in stress relief. Since a player would have fun in playing the game and would be removing other thoughts from his or her mind to concentrate to play well, he or she would be able to relax and forget about other things that give stress.

Benefit 5: Playing darts improves teamwork.

In darts, a player does not always play alone. There are some categories where one is required to be in a team of two, three or even four. During tournaments, a player can work on its teamwork by strategizing with the other members to make the team win. It is not only about the success of one but for everyone who is included in the group.

The above are only some of the benefits you can get from playing darts. There are more advantages including improvement of confidence, building social network, its affordability and enjoyment among others.