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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Indoor exercise bikes have now removed many problems of people who used to get away with exercise saying that they get sick by the weather or they have back or joint pains, which do not allow them to exercise. Thus exercise bikes are thus used by people of all ages, professions and problems and often 2 of the types that come under discussion are recumbent bikes and upright bikes and some of the benefits and comparison of both is discussed as under;

Upright bike benefits:

Upright bikes are designed to give the rider the same experience thus doing the workout of the whole body because the same muscles have to work out in riding this indoor bike like you do with the outdoor bike. Thus many bikes in the market are compared with the best upright exercise bike because of its equal benefits.

If you want to make your body’s abdominal muscles work, this is the best for you which is not the case with recumbent muscles where abdominal muscles are not in much motion. As your body is not in upright position while riding recumbent bikes rather you are sitting like in a car.

Since you are using your arms and shoulders as being in upright position on the upright bike, thus you may develop your triceps or biceps up to a certain extent too

These bikes take less space on the floor, thus will occupy less space in your home, office or personal gym space etc.

Recumbent exercise bikes merits;

Your spine is in a better position in a recumbent exercise bike as compared to an upright bike and thus this bike type is considered best for people who have back pain issues and thus do not prefer cycling. You are sitting with your bike straight thus reaching out the pedals in the front and thus it is unlikely that you will experience any pain s in the back or joints, ankles etc. while doing workouts on this bike

It does require more storage space but is more safe compared to the upright exercise bikes as your body does not have to be in upright position all the time, rather a sitting position and thus people with any arthritis related problems can easily use this bike to maintain their exercise routine along with keeping themselves fit and active and healthy.