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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Gynecomastia or commonly known as man boobs is the enlargement of male breast tissues due to the disorder of the endocrine system. It normally occurs during puberty due to hormonal changes. The imbalance in estrogens and androgens are thought to be the reason for the development of man boobs among teens, while the decline in testosterone for older men. Gynecomastias among teens are cured within two years without the need for treatment. However, the psychological distress it will cause is more than anyone could bargain for. It can lead to bullying among adolescents, as well as a decline in self-confidence. The has provided an in-depth overview of gynecomastia and has an array of treatments available to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Physiological, pharmacological and causes are the three different categories involved in the cause of man boobs. Physiological Gynecomastia is the most common among the three since it is due to the natural occurrence happening in the body. It is a common case during puberty and old age caused by hormonal imbalance. In pharmacological Gynecomastia, man boobs are caused by the usage of drugs. Medicines such as ketoconazole, human growth hormone, spironolactone, omeprazole, risperdal and etc. are the leading cause of pharmacological Gynecomastia due to their ability to disrupt the balance of the hormones. Pathological Gynecomastia are caused by pre-existing diseases found in patients like kidney failure, testicular tumors, hypethyrodism, Klinefelter syndrome and the like.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of a male’s breast that makes it look like a female’s. Early signs of man boobs are increase on sensitivity, inflammation, tenderness and itchiness of the breasts, as well as enlargement in the diameter of the areola. In rare cases, some symptoms include milky and bloody discharge from the breast. If this occurs, visit a physician because this might be warning for tumor in the pituitary glands.

Levels of Gynecomastia

The levels of Gynecomastia are classified according to the size of the excess mass found in the breast, grade I being the smallest and grade IV the highest.

The website sheds a light in the cause of Gynecomastia. For most people, it is a laughing matter. However, it takes a great toll in the physiological and the psychological aspect of the patients. A deeper understanding in this case is important for both the patients and those around them for man boobs are not a joke, it is a medical case that has possibility of occurring in men all over the world.