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You are here: GroupsiBusinessHow I Found Out About The Magento Hosting Platform
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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

When I realised that, e-commerce is basically the job of the future, I understood exactly why everybody wants to have the best website possible. In order for me to be completely sure that I am going to give my visitors reasons to stay on my website and purchase my products, I needed to make sure that I’m going to have the most user-friendly e-commerce website possible. And it all begins with the hosting platform.

No other platform was good enough

I checked out many different platforms. Of course, most of them were free but they were not giving me full access to all the options and capabilities. I had to pay to get them. And then I found out about magento. And the way I found out about it was by simply asking other retailers. The truth is that, Magento was suggested to me by more than just a few of them.

They gave me this great post to read and soon I found out exactly why Magento was definitely the best option for me. The post was about a legitimate comparison website that took the time to take and analyseMagento and provide me with complete information on pretty much everything I may have wanted to know about this particular hosting platform and of course, exactly why it is a lot better than other well-known platforms like for example WordPress.

Full version is free to use

The first thing that really made me realise how good Magento was, was the fact that, it is actually platform created specifically for e-commerce websites. When I can get something that is so specific to what I need, why go for something more generic? So, I downloaded Magento and I found out that, it is not just a part of a free version of the platform. I have access to the entire platform for free.

Considering the fact that, I found out about Magento from other successful retailers, made me realise that, this is definitely the option that I should have checked out a long time ago. I wasted precious time on other platforms one I could have simply selected this one from the beginning. So, try to check out as many reviews on Magento as possible, find comparison websites will analyse the platform for you and make sure that you will not mistakenly choose another platform for e-commerce.