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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

To do investment in anything or product requires investigations. Usually you buy any product when you feel that you need it. To purchase a bike rack is also a big deal as your investment is involved in it and in the same time you are going to cover your needs. The type of vehicle decides which bike rack is suitable for you. Moreover others things to be considered are the number of bikes that you are going to transport on that rack and how often you will use it etc. if you are willing to purchase a best bike carrier while living in Australia you should visit this website.  

Categories of Bike Carriers in Australia:

There are three main categories of Bike carriers in Australia involving hitch, roof, and trunk racks.

Hitch Mount Racks in Australia:

These are the best choice available in Australia for the heavy bikes racks. There are two styles of these racks, tray & arm support hitch mount racks.

Tray hitch racks are less expensive and giving the support to the bikes on a tray. These racks secure the bikes to clamp the wheels. These carriers are easy to install and carry any type of bicycle virtually. These racks can be expended to take a hold of 4 bikes. These racks can also facilitate heavy bikes like free ride style or downhill etc weighting up to 60olbs/bike.

Arm Support racks as the name suggests these racks supported the bicycle by arms that are the main point of attachment and have low loading height. But these racks do not support the bikes having unusual frame shapes.

Roof Racks selling in Australia:

Think twice while purchasing a roof system for your bikes if you are driving a vehicle having high roof. On a tall vehicle you are going to lift the vehicle over your heads.  If your bike has low weight then it will be good but to lift heavy bike over head will not be a good choice. In Australia, Roof models are good if you are driving lower vehicles. Whenever the bike is loaded on your vehicle roof then its height significantly becomes higher than before. The drawback of these racks is that lower heighted parking area will not adjust them and you have to remove them.

Trunk Mount Carriers in Australia:

These racks are good option for light weight bikes and cannot be able to carry many bikes. It covers less area and installation is very easy usually two nylon straps are used to hold the bike with the vehicle.

So, choosing the best bike carriers in Australia depends upon the type of bike you want to carry. Look at the mentioned options while purchasing the bike carrier, they will really help you.