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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

When there is severe pain in a person’s mouth which makes him/her feel extremely uncomfortable that they have to visit the dentist, such a situation is known as a dental emergency. Many people face dental emergencies nowadays because they don’t keep proper care of their teeth. The pain in the teeth may be caused by different reasons. Mostly, a dental emergency takes places when the person is going through a problem in their teeth or the supporting tissues. Therefore, if you are also going through this or something similar, then make sure to go to the dental clinic quickly. If you don’t take an immediate action during such a situation then you would end up going through more pain.

List of dental emergencies

As we know that there are many dental emergencies that someone can go through and in order to take a quick action to avoid the pain, people should be aware of what those dental emergencies actually are. Here is a list of dental emergencies that people commonly face.

Fractured or chipped teeth

Dislocated jaw


Pain in gum

Tooth out of alignment


Lost filling or crown

Permanent teeth loose or knocked out

How to prevent dental emergencies?

If you want to prevent yourself from having to face any sort of dental emergencies then you should definitely follow the tips given below as they are very important to have a healthy mouth.

Take care of your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day and never forget to floss them also. It protects your teeth from bacteria which can cause cavity in your mouth.

Don’t eat food items which are hard to chew such as ice cubes or hard candy. Don’t use your teeth to open bottle caps which are tightly closed.

Always wear a mouth guard when playing some sport to prevent them from getting injured and protecting your teeth, gum, tissues and supporting gum. We all know that while playing sports anything can happen which can cause a fractured jaw.

It is extremely important that you visit your dentist on a regular basis. If you feel any pain in your teeth or gums, you should tell your dentist immediately and if he/she provides you some treatment then you should follow it.

How to get quick relief?

When a person has to face some dental emergency, then all they want is quick relief. Therefore, if you want quick relief from the pain then you should visit Emergency Dentist Tukwila.