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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Maryland Lawyers To Help Victims In Car Accident

If ever you have a car accident and needs a fair compensation, Maryland Lawyers can help you. Some people do not understand that when a person meets a car accident, the insurance company will not there to help them but rather to gain a profit business and to minimize on what they pay out on every claim.

As mentioned in their website, if the company contacts you, it is best to not speak them because they will record everything you say and it will be used against you.

The role of the insurance company is to limit your compensation. What they do is they put you “on record” saying harmful admissions.

What to do after the accident?

 If ever you found yourself in a car accident and you accidentally contacted your insurance company, here are some tips that can help you to avoid being on advantage.

The insurance company will contact you. If your insurance company finds out that you met a car accident, they will call and try to settle everything. They avoid responsibilities and they have a low-ball figure or “pennies on the dollar.” They can take an advantage on you.

A recorded statement If you began your call and they said that they need a recorded statement that is your signal. Think about it. Why do they need to record your statement? The reason behind it is that they want to ask you suggestive and leading questions which are against your interest.

You can always turn down the offer to record your statement because in the end, your own statements can be used against you. If you are stuck in the situation, call your Maryland accident lawyer.

Get the contact details of the witness, if there are any. If you notice that there are witness in the crime scene, you can get their contact details. In case the insurance company calls you, you can contact your witness and verify about the details of the accident.

Seek medical care This tip is A.S.A.P. If your insurance company that your case is close if you do not seek medical care that is a lie. You need to seek medical care because it is the first thing to do and this is for your own safety. The medical care will record your injuries.

File the accident A.S.A.P. If you encounter any illegal activities, you can file them up to three years. You can complain your insurance company. Also, you can file for car accident for one year. It is best advise to file the incident few days or months after you recover. The lawyers can help you.

Who will pay for the car?

You have two choices about repairing your vehicle after a car accident in Maryland. Your first choice is to have your own insurance company repair your vehicle and recover the money from your defendant.

If the purpose of the accident is clear, you can go directly to the defendant’s insurance carrier and let them fix the vehicle. You can avoid any deductible payment.