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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Online shopping can be pretty tough no matter whether you are buying jewelry, makeup or household products. But when it comes to shopping for motor vehicles the task becomes even tougher as the prices are much high and you cannot take a risk at any point. Therefore people should consider every bit of information they find on the internet about particular motor vehicle selling e-stores.

San Jose BMW is one of the online motor vehicle selling store which specializes in selling BMW motorcycles and providing services regarding BMW bikes. You can find all about this company from their website and the services they offer. They offer accessories of bikes, spare parts you need for bike repairing, whole new range of BMW motorcycles, service maintenance for bikes, etc.

Although you can find plenty of services offered by San Jose BMW but they are not very popular among customers mainly because of their poor customer service. People usually consider San Jose BMW as a secondary store due to the pathetic customer dealing. Majority of the people have pretty worse experiences with this company and had posted several bad reviews online lowering the reputation of San Jose BMW store.

Online Reviews Regarding San Jose BMW:

In order to understand better about this company you need to consider the customer reviews posted online about San Jose. I am going to list a few online San Jose BMW Motorcycle reviews posted on independent websites which help you to decide whether to purchase from this store or not.

One of the customer wrote on an independent website about San Jose giving her review that the ladies went to shop for a bike from their store but the attitude of the staff was quite poor. The customer dealer tried to flirt with the ladies and showed unethical behavior. The ladies left because they couldn’t feel comfortable shopping at such a place where the guys were trying to chase them.

Another customer wrote about the bad quoting of San Jose as they quoted $750 for the repairing job and asked for $2000 after the job completion. Such a great margin in their quotes, isn’t it?

Another disabled customer wrote about the disrespecting behavior of the staff of San Jose as they treated him like he shouldn’t buy the bike as he is not able to ride it anyway. Several other customers gave pretty bad reviews about this company so you need to decide whether to shop from them or not.