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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Marketers usually talk about the ‘low fat’ and ‘heart-healthy’ lifestyle. Back in year 2002 when the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture established National Organic Standards, the action triggered yet another lifestyle for the US citizens.

One year later in year 2003, the Whole Foods Market Organic Foods Trend Tracker found the fact that 47 percent of the US citizens polled reported that they consumed more organic products that they had before the label initiative.

Consumers are mainly looking for organic, low-fat and natural healthy foods. The largest study that has been conducted till today to examine the nutrient content of organic food has established that it is usually more nutritious compared to the traditionally grown produce. The amusement over lycopene has sparked interest in tomato related sauces. The establishment of different organic standards has greatly legitimized the organic sauce industry.

Numerous products can be used in cooking sauces, depending on how they are used. Salsa and pesto are sauces, gravies are also sauces, and fruit sauces are mainly purees with some additional ingredients like jalapenos, habaneros etc which have avoided the curse of fats to become acceptable garnished for meats. Fundamental types of sauces include pasta, pesto sauces, vinaigrette, béarnaise or mayonnaise types and roux (the flour and butter types), including béchamel, brown roux, including blond roux, and sauce Supreme. Commercial sauces tend to have several priorities, which mainly include a long shelf life, cost control, acceptable levels of fat and organolptic superiority.

In year 2001, Kitchen Powerhouse was established particularly for processing organic foods, and basically found a nice in natural and organic sauces. It is now getting a lot easier to source organic ingredients than how it used to be earlier. You will find a number of different products available and that also at an acceptable price range. Products being made are now growing more mainstream: they are being shipped to industrial consumers who processed their healthy frozen entrée to the specialty markets such as Whole Food and Wild Oats. Kid’s food products also rely mainly on sauces, however, the category confounds some product developers as children are at a point in life when their taste buds are developing and mostly changing.

Consumers have benefited a lot from natural, low-fat and organic healthy food diets. Organic low fat sauces can be easily prepared for your home meals; you can enjoy the organic marinade, dips or sauces with your favorite meats, fish or poultry. You can also use it for sauté or grilling with meats and veggies for a delicious and low-fat home meal.