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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Online advertising is smarter than ever because of numerous developments such as the Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel changed the online advertising game by creating a system that project ads smarter. Ads can now be seen everywhere and tailor fit ads have been made for each internet user who clicked a Facebook ad once.

Facebook pixel is a code than can be placed on your site so that Facebook business can help you optimize ads and do things such as retargeting. The pixel can be added easily by different means ranging in difficulty. You may manually add it by copy and paste methods or you can simply download a Facebook pixel WordPress plugin if you are running under the said site engine.

Using plugins can get things done faster and easier for WordPress users, and fortunately, Facebook pixel plugins are available.

Pixel Cat Facebook Pixel Manager is one of, if not the leanest and simplest plugins out there that lets you add the Facebook pixel to your website. It prevents unnecessary bloats and adds the pixel with ease. The plugin was made for the newer and simpler pixel that Facebook developed and released earlier this year. With the plugin, you are saving a lot of time since you will be skipping the confusing parts of the process.

If you choose not to use plugins, the pixel can still be added by means of copying and pasting manually. Although this method can be tedious and confusing to non-experts, it will get the job done in a few hours.

To get Pixel Cat running, first you have to download it from their official website and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins directory. Once that is done, head to the menu of plugins to activate it by ticking Pixel Cat. Go to Settings and then Facebook Pixel Manager to customize it.

It will take some of your time to research a bit about the pixel and how to manually lace it to your sites. Fortunately, the pixel can now be installed easily like the other plugins for WordPress. The plugin, due to the incredible ease is boasts, encourages more users to avail the particular service offered by Facebook.

With Pixel Cat combined with a few personal Google searches about how you can personalize it more, you can turn your website into an agent of smart online advertising.