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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Heating of hot tubs:

Usually, most of the hot tubs are heated by using an electric or even the natural gas heater, however there are also some kind of wood fire hot tub heaters as well as solar hot water systems that a lot of people have been using for a long period of time. Most of the hot tubs are found running at natural hot springs and in this case, the water can be dangerously hot for the people and it must be combined with some amount of cool water for a safe soaking temperature. However, the effective insulation amazingly improves the energy efficiency of a hot tub in any case like that. There are so many kind of different styles of hot tub insulation that are in use. Some manufacturers like to fill the entire cabinet with foam, while there are so many who like to insulate the underside of the shell or inside of the cabinet or even both.

Safety of hot water tubs:

Sitting in the water that is above normal body temperatures usually cause drowsiness that can sometimes lead to unconsciousness and subsequently result in drowning. It has been recommended for always that the temperature of the water should never exceed 40 degrees Celsius, however the temperature of 37 degrees is considered safe for the adult using these hot tubs. On the other hand, soaking in water above 39 degrees Celsius can cause severe damage among women during the first three months of pregnancy.

Install residual current devices:

According to the portable hot tub reviews, it is always recommended to install residual current devices in these tubs for the protection against electrocution. The highest danger is associated with electrical shock in the water that the person may be rendered immobile and can become unable to rescue themselves or even to call for help and results in drowning.

Hot water tubs for kids:

Moreover, these hot water tubs are not just designed for the adults, but also for the children, so that they can enjoy in the garden. These portable tubs can be moved around anywhere in the house and this is the reason why so many kids have been enjoying their bath in the hot water in the winters. However, they can use them in the summers as well as mini pool party with the cool water in these water tubs. This is how they have become so cool for the people.