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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Safety is the number one priority we should put greater importance above all else. Even if the quality of the material we buy are of high quality, if we don’t know how to properly take care of it, it will be useless. That’s why in everything we bought, there are manual instructions that are given. Everything we own is our responsibility. So here are the five important things you always need to check in using your roof rack before going out for a travel in Australia.

Excess rope

Always bring an excess rope with you. Not all ropes can prolong forever, and not every rope is handy so better back it up with another one. In case that all of your ropes are already frayed and loose, better change it quickly than sorry.

Make sure your car roof is flat first

Check if there are any hindrances before putting everything on your roof rack. Excess screws and slats might still be on your car if not given the attention. So check in every nook and cranny, and feel free to put everything needed later on.

Check if stuffs are tied firmly

Check every side if all are tied firmly. Always put on roof rack the heaviest first, then the lightest. Do not put small stuffs on the roof rack, it will just fall off. Then, if your equipment is pointy like surfboard, fasten the centertightly enough. If you are unsure in its security, tied another rope on it.

Check weight limits

Everything has its own limit. Our instincts will tells us if something is wrong, but for better assurance, contact your roof rack provider. Ask them the weight limit for your roof rack and vehicle.

Speed limit

The speed limit in Australia always ranges from 10 kilometers per hour to 110 kilometers per hour, but if you are carrying a huge equipment on your roof rack, you are going to need to lessen your speed limit more than that.

Always lock them

In today’s society, we can’t trust anyone easily. Lock is always a must if you don’t want to lose your baggage to anybody else.

Be attentive

Not all manual instructions and precautions are complete. The never changing situation and unpredictability of time and nature will always be there. Never let our guard down is a rule that we should know at all times. I hope that you like my explanation regarding your safety matters. Have a happy and safe trip!