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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

If you think that you can only do a good woodworking job with a pricy table saw then you are wrong. You probably have the perfect table saw but you simply do not know how to use the best way possible.

The prices of table saws can simply goes from $100 to tens of thousands of dollars and in order to save yourself some amount people end up buying a table saw which is limited in its power and features. But this should not stop you from doing your work as you can still work best if you know some simple tips and tricks of using your table saw.

Some Tips, Tricks& Techniques of Using Table Saw:

Below are listed some of the tips and tricks that can help you to get the most out of your table saw:

Always Work With a Helper:

The cabinet and contractor table saws are usually heavy with heavy base which support the wood pieces so that you can cut it easily. The small portable table saws lack this support due to which you cannot use the table saw very comfortably while cutting wood pieces. I order to overcome this difficulty, you can take help from a helper. The helper can help you handle the wood pieces coming out of the saw blade which can prevent any hazardous situations like kickback or saw tipping, etc.

Use Roller Stands to Make the Task a Little Easier:

Although taking help from a helper is the best option but sometimes you have to work alone. In such cases, using the extendable roller stands can be greatly beneficial. Keep the rollers perpendicular to the table saw and make sure to choose the right height for safe and comfortable working. Slightly curved rollers can create sideways pressure and can also result in bad kickback. To prevent this situation you can use ball rollers.

Build Your Own Temporary Table:

You can also build your own temporary table using a few sheets of particleboard and a number of sawhorses. This table would be perfect for holding some lightweight sheets for you. This would be great especially for cutting thin wooden sheets. But be cautious as you shouldn’t block any of your table saw’s safety switches.

Make Use of Holes for Securing the Saw:

Portable table saws usually have holes in them that can be used for securing the saw to provide you a perfect work surface. You can work much faster and efficiently by stabilizing your saw. Visit this link for more info