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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

By now, many people know and love the website known as “Groupon”. Companies periodically post deals through the website to entice new potential customers. And often, the deals posted hover around 45 – 50% off of a product or service, on average. Deals on Miami wine tasting events are perfect for wine enthusiasts who are finally ready to come to a Miami wine event and have some fun.

If and when (because really, “If”??) you search for these deals, be sure to read the descriptions, and the fine print. You may be required to make reservations ahead of time and you’ll want to be sure you’re buying a deal you’ll actually use before it expires.

Abaco Premium Wines currently has one of three deal options available that you may find enticing. You and a friend could save 40% on introductory wine tasting classes for a fair price of $119 total. They value this offer at $200. Each of you would need $60 rather than $100 to split on the experience.

Bringing 3 friends? You’ll save 45% if you are. $219 as opposed to $400. That’s $55 per person rather than $100 each! If this is your first of many Miami wine events experience, this deal is pretty perfect to jump on.

Or is it? If you can get two more friends to join your group of four, you’ll only spend $299 on this event. Once again, this would normally cost $100 per person, but you’ll only need to grab $50 from each friend to help pay for it, since this final offer is 50% off their valued services.

Wine By The Bay is offering a decent couple of deals as well. For a Miami wine tasting class that will give you $10 off whatever wine you may choose to buy and take home afterwards, be sure to check out this company’s offer. Valued at $80, you and a friend can experience a wine tasting class and earn a $10 store credit, for only $48.

You and three other friends however would only have to pay $90 for the same classes and store credit. For four people, the offer is valued at $160. If you each have $22.50, you’re good to go.

Last but not least, Atelier Monnier is offering 42% off for some French food with wine pairing event for you and a single friend. Valued at $78, you would be getting this deal for only $45 total. Not ‘per person’, $45 total. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. And if you’ve never really experienced wine or French foods, perhaps this is your golden ticket to explore both more closely.

Perhaps worth mentioning, we are not affiliated with Groupon or any of the above three companies mentioned. Taxes may or may not be included. We hold no responsibility for any outcomes from the moment of purchasing a deal to the moment of finishing your wine tasting experience. Simply put, we love wine and wanted to reach out and share the deals we found so that you can begin, or continue, to love wine as well.