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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Legal Steriods had been proven to help people build an amazing physical body for over 50 years now. Many of these athletes who use legal anabolic steroids are even popular like Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These anabolic steroids are drugs that will enhance your performance. They are an artificial version of the natural hormone men have called testosterone. These kind of steroids will give you an amazing physical body that has lean muscle mass, endurance and strength. For these steroids to work though, you must work very hard at the gym. These legal anabolic steroids also has other medical uses other than bodybuilding. They can also be utilized to provide relief from suffering for cancer, AIDS and many other illness like dwarfism and osteoarthritis.

No prescription from a physician, means no anabolic steroid

There is a law now in the United States that requires a person to have prescription from a physician before they can purchase an anabolic steroid. If you do not have a prescription from a physician that means you cannot buy an anabolic steroid. To counter these, many companies in the United States had made different varieties that imitates anabolic steroids. These alternative “dietary supplements” that can be legally obtain without a prescription under the law of the United States must contain one or more of the following; minerals, vitamins, herb or other botanical, and amino acids. These alternative supplements is greatly different from an anabolic steroid that requires prescription because these supplements will only encourage the adrenal gland to produce more testosterones while the anabolic steroid is the hormone itself which comes in artificial form.

Prohormone supplements

Another alternative to anabolic steroids are the prohormone supplements. These supplements were made to improve the hormones naturally produced inside your body. They have similar side effects to anabolic steroids just as they too produce similar results in the body. These supplements are legal in the United States and they have been proven to be effective by helping the adrenal gland produce more testosterone. Many athletes now are into using alternative natural supplements because these will increase their nutrition. However, if you wish to purchase legal anabolic steroids, some countries like Canada will allow them to be sold online. There are steroids still legal in 2017 and they would include Dianabol, Testosterone, and Anadrol. If you choose to take legal anabolic steroids remember to always start from using low dosages in a cycle to prevent any harmful side effects.