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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Finding the best furniture store you can trust is something that can be really beneficial to you. In line with this, one of the furniture sellers that you can try out is Ashley Furniture. The company was made to specialize in selling wooden furniture by local makers; however, the company has quickly grown to sell a wide variety of furniture now.

It is continuous quest to provide opportunities to people while working towards the company’s improvement, Ashley Furniture opens up numerous career opportunities to people and you can be the next person to be a part of their team.

Here are some of the Ashley Furniture jobs with their descriptions to help you decide which of these opportunities to grab.

Sales Manager

This position receives a salary playing around $45000 annually. A sales manager is responsible for implementing and promoting sales plans to help the company and its employees. In order to be qualified for the position, you would need to have previous work experience on a field familiar to the position and have either a formal training or at least an associate’s degree.

Store Manager

A store manager is responsible for keeping the stores in check and organized which means creating work schedules, ensuring that the employees are well-managed, and working with the sales manager to create feasible goals for the company. To be able to apply for this position you must have previous experience in a managerial role.

Furniture and Sales Associate

 With a pay reaching up to $10 per hour, Furniture Repair Associates are the ones responsible for maintain the condition of the products and repair them if needed. In order to eligible for the job, the person must have an experience in furniture repair while being able to move at least 100lbs of load.

Sales Associate

 The Sales Associate position is the position that will require a lot of versatility from the ones handling it since the position will call for them to communicate well with the customers in the cash-register. With a rate of $8 an hour, a Sales Associate must be able to provide assistance to the customers regarding the products which are why knowledge on the products and the company itself is a must.

Aside from being your trusted furniture shop, if you are deserving enough, Ashley Furniture may also be your own.