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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

Social media have brought about a sensation when it gained popularity a decade ago. Beginning from Facebook, the social media platforms keep on launching and today it has a special place in our lives. We cannot go out on a tour without adding check-ins and we cannot live without putting a tweet on Twitter every day. Same goes with the Instagram and LinkedIn, etc. and the social web is unstoppable.

Social media has given a lot not only to the common people, but also to the business community as well via social media marketing. However, the social media marketing trends are always on the verge of changing and we see changing trends every year. 2017 is also not far and predictions are being made for social media marketing trends that the marketers you should look out for in 2017.

You can look out for the social media marketing trends to follow in the coming year or you can use the Social Media Detroit Company to get the social media marketing services from. Let us take a look at the top social media marketing trends to look out in 2017.

Live Video Streaming:

YouTube was undoubtedly a big sensation when it was first launched in 2004 but later the video recording trend has begun on cameras and now live video streaming is a thing. You can capture the live moments and share it with your friends. Meerkat first tried live video streaming and then Twitter hit the market with Periscope. Now Facebook is also taking on Twitter’s Periscope with Live video streaming. This one is a great way to build trust among the online customers.

Chatbot Conversations:

Chatbot is an intelligent conversational agent which is developed to stimulate conversations without requiring the presence of a human being. As we are living in an era of artificial intelligence, embedding smart features is all that people need. Facebook Chatbot is a great application of this sort. Right after the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg that third parties can also use Facebook messenger to create personal chatbots, it has gone much viral. It can help engage with mass customers without using expensive applications.

Expiring Social Content:

Expiring social content was first used by SnapChat in that a content, video or picture, will disappear after a few seconds. The trend is copies by Instagram now and has become a thing of today’s social media. They know that the content would expire and so increase the customer engagement.