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  • Created 17 Aug, 2016

When it comes to promise rings for couples, it doesn’t always symbolize about promises about the relationship. It can symbolize so many different things. There are the normal things that the ring can symbolize, but there are also some other, uncommon things that the rings can symbolize. Here are some of these other promises that a promise ring can symbolize:

Breaking a bad habit

This set of promise rings can be between parent and child, or even between two people within a relationship.

Bad habits can really damage any relationships, and if you want to try to repair a relationship after breaking a bad habit, giving a promise ring might seem like a great idea. With this promise ring, you are promising that you will not go back to that bad habit again. And, that your loved ones will not need to worry about you and the bad habit again.

Promise to keep a really important secret

Another reason why people are giving promise rings, is if you have promised to keep a secret. We don’t talk about just any secret here, or a secret that can harm someone. We are talking about a truly serious secret that you promise to keep.

We all have that friend that might be in serious need to have someone to listen to. And, that they don’t want other people to know. And, by exchanging promise rings to each other, you are basically promising that you will not break the trust in telling the secret to anyone.

Renewing a commitment

When the trust of someone is broken it might be hard to trust the person again. Especially, when it comes to serious relationships and marriages.

When the trust was broken and you need to renew the commitment to making the relationship much better, giving and exchanging couple’s promise rings are something that can prove the seriousness about the commitment again. This can be necessary to prove to the other person how serious you are about the commitment.

There are lots of different reasons why you want to consider giving a promise ring to someone, or to exchange promise rings to each other. If the relationship was going through hard times and you want to recommit to the relationship or you want, to promise that you’re never going to do something again, you can also consider giving a promise ring. This is a great way of proving that you’re serious about making things right again.