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  • Created 14 Dec, 2017

About the Group

Sex could make or break the deal for a couple who just recently got married. Why is that? Well, some couples might not have an idea how to be intimate with someone, especially those who have decided to wait until after marriage to consummate it. Expressing love and affection in the bedroom is much different than saying “I love you”, hugging someone, holding their hands, going out, or just simply spending time together. Everything changes once the issue of sexuality is broached.

In many countries, the topic of sex isn’t something people can talk openly about. While that isn’t the case in the United States and in other countries, there are still some people who are not comfortable when it comes to their sexuality. Worse, their inhibitions come out once they’re alone in the bedroom with their new husband or wife.

It certainly takes a certain level of trust and comfort for one person to be intimate with another. Nevertheless, once that threshold is crossed, everything else falls into place. So now the question is how can a couple who is planning to consummate their marriage let go of inhibitions and just be comfortable with each other in the bedroom? Well, some psychologists say that using adult sex toys could be spice things up for a couple who is “new” to the idea of intimacy in the bedroom.

Hence, if you are planning to get married, why not broach the subject to your would-be partner? Discuss the use of sex toys to prep both of you up on the big night, so there wouldn’t be any awkward moments during your honeymoon. You could even go on looking for toys for couples that you can experiment with. There’s a wide variety of adult sex toys to choose from. Who knows, the use of these innovative gadgets could make you and your partner come out of your respective shells and throw all inhibitions out the window on your first night together as man and wife.

Sexual intimacy has long been attributed to as one of the things that make a marriage stronger. That’s to be expected. However, over the course of time, a married couple can fall into a routine, doing the same things every day, to the point where even sex becomes something done on schedule. That could prove to be disastrous to the marriage. The last thing you want is to get bored because you and your partner have fallen into a pattern. This is when adult sex toys come in handy.

Using adult sex toys could switch up your “routine”, injecting some semblance of excitement into your marriage. These contraptions can put the spark back into the relationship. Before long, you’ll see that you and your partner have become bolder and braver in the bedroom, so much so that you become extremely comfortable in your sexuality. That’s what adult sex toys can do to relationships. It makes the union stronger, closer, more exciting, and unique.

While there are many factors that make a marriage work, sex and love are the two salient elements that fuel it. If sex is starting to go stale, you can bet that love would soon follow suit. That’s certainly something you wouldn’t want to happen to you and your partner.

You can try to be romantic as you can be, but being passionate and igniting your sexuality through the use of sex toys could be just what you need to bring the “oomph” into your private moments with your partner.