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Key Topics in Ethics: Authorship

Statements on Authorship

To submit additions, queries, or comments related to the Ethics CORE collection of materials on authorship, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Internet ethics resources on authorship:

Ethics CORE results for authorship:

Topic Packet: Authorship

Packet includes a summary, background information, relevant regulations and guidelines, discussion tools (including case studies and discussion questions), and resources. Originally published at www....

Annotated Bibliography of Ethical Issues in Physics: Publication/Authorship

Publications are used to both carry on public discourse in science and to measure the quality of research. ...

Ethics in Research

An engineering professor receives two nearly identical journal articles to review --- same authors, different journals --- that are also very like a paper he recently published. http://www.onlineethi...

Weighing Contributions to an Article

A scenario about the ethical issues involved in determining which graduate student should be listed as first author on an article. ...

The Deceased Author

A scenario that covers ethical issues that arise when an author of a paper is deceased.

Credit in a Grant Proposal

Ethical issues arise when a professor incorporates his student's materials into his proposal for a grant.